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Upon graduating from university, I started work at Nuffield Health in Brentwood and Southend University Trust Hospital where I completed my rotations in: oncology, critical care, high dependency unit, amputee rehabilitation, neurology and respiratory. I also volunteered as an instructor in the Air Training Core and worked alongside Billericay Rugby FC.

In 2014 I moved to Devon to pursue my desire to work with the Ministry of Defence. My first post was based at HMS Drake Naval Base where was appointed the role of clinical lead for the highly coveted 3 week residential lower limb and spinal rehabilitation courses; providing specialist care for military personnel across the South West. While here, I also ran Electrotherapy Shockwave Therapy clinics (ESWT); and assisted in multidisciplinary clinics alongside sports and exercise medicine consultants.

Following this, I moved units where I was able to work with the Special Forces, Special Forces Support Group and Royal Air Force. In this role, I ran specialist musculoskeletal clinics as well as residential rehabilitation courses specifically tailored to the exceptional levels required by Special Forces personnel. During this period, I was promoted to the clinical lead of the department where I built my previous experience in running multidisciplinary clinics alongside sports and exercise medicine consultants for the region. During this period I was introduced to both new and previously practiced areas of care; including triaging care, providing care via imaging provided by advanced medical equipment and helped to develop the medical care and services provided by the department.

My personal and professional desire to increase my knowledge and experience led me to my next installment working with the Armed Forces. To facilitate this, I moved to 40 Commando (Cdo) Royal Marines; where I was positioned as the lead physiotherapist for 600 Royal Marine Commando's. Here I ran the musculoskeletal department and a residential rehabilitation unit for personnel unable to fulfil their military roles due to injury. Whilst there, I implemented an injury prevention programme to the entire unit which resulted in 44% reduction in injury rates. This led to the reduction of both work and sport related injuries, providing more operationally fit personnel and allowing the provision of a more sustainable operational capability.

In 2018 on completion of my period working with the MOD, I moved back to Essex to work as a part time clinical specialist physiotherapist within the NHS while building a client base for my company. Within this NHS role I supervised senior physiotherapists, improved the service provision within our department and assist alongside orthopaedic consultants in the virtual fracture clinic before leaving in 2019.

whilst building my private practice, I work for two days a week at CTCRM Lympstone. This is the Royal Marine Commando recruits training centre where I got first hand experience assessing and treating recruits and trained ranks. This allowed me to further look into the main cause of injuries of recruits and how to start implementing prevention programmes pre training to prevent these injuries from commonly occurring.