There is a good outcome from both the preventative and corrective programmes here at Holly Roberts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. This is due to my approach to not only treatment and exercise but also education. To help you in your daily life, I will work around your goals so you can continue to play sport and do your hobbies during treatment.


 The hands on treatment provided to you will ensure the structures of your body move in the most optimal way, this ensures your individually tailored exercise programme will efficiently and effectively help you to maintain these positive changes. Along with treatment and exercise; I will also introduce acupuncture, taping and relevant education to ensure both long term and permanent results. To help clients reach their goals quickly and effectively, I use this combined approach is essential. 

Education is one of the cornerstones of the recovery process. To guide you, I will provide you with all the tools and knowledge to manage your condition in the long term. This will help you to understand what is causing your condition and reduce the chances of irritating the injured structures. 

Due to the nature of some injuries, individuals may not respond as initially expected and certain structures may take longer to settle. In these instances I can help you with the next level of care to help prevent a delay in your recovery. When required, I can refer you for further imaging such as Xray, MRI or ultrasound.




Throughout my career, working with both military personnel and athletes, I noticed the same over-use injuries kept on presenting in clinic. These overuse injuries are all preventable!! There are several reasons why an athlete or soldier will sustain a preventable injury, these include:

- Lack of mobility & flexibility

- Lack of robustness

- Lack of functional strength

- Lack of mental and physical preparation

- Over-training/poorly structured training patterns

- Reaching the end goal too quickly 

- lack of body awareness and single leg control

As you can see above, these can all be targeted to prevent an injury from happening.  These overuse injuries occur most commonly at the start of training season or during recruit training. However, without an injury prevention screening assessment how are you to know where you are lacking and at risk of injury?? It is exactly that reason why these screening assessments are a necessity! Every athlete or recruit wants to be at the front, not lagging behind because of an injury you are trying to hide or because you did not prepare enough. 

From my extensive experience in this field and the long term effects these injuries can have on body health or career, my passion is to stop these from happening! I offer injury prevention screening assessments to sport athletes and any military recruit prior to starting training. The assessment includes looking at the above areas to search out any deficiencies you might have and based on the findings you will be given a specific exercise programme and treatment plan as required. 

Proven results from my injury prevention methods include reducing the injury rate at 40 Cdo by 40% after implementing some simple and cost effective measures. 

So if you are interested in an injury prevention screening - GET IN TOUCH!


Leg Injury

For every new patient the initial consultation is FREE.

This includes a full expert assessment of your condition/injury. Based on these findings  you will be provided a treatment plan.

RM Recruit Training

Methods tried and tested on a Royal Marine Commando unit where injury rate was reduced by 44%. During recruit training, a large proportion of recruits end up in rehabilitation for their injuries. These injuries seen are often preventable!! I offer screening from all these potential injuries and give you the tools to correct any deficiencies present to help you complete your full training. 

PRICE: £40

Specifically tailored treatment programme based on findings from the initial consultation. This will include a combination of treatments listed below based on your goals, needs and preferences.

PRICE: £40

Acupuncture for chronic pain relief and musculoskeletal injuries. If you know acupuncture has worked for you in the past then take advantage of this acupuncture deal. You can book 6 sessions for the price of 5 to use at any time.  

PRICE: £150

You will be given a full body MOT as it were! Looking at  joint structure, muscle length and strength and specific drills to your chosen sport or military role. Based on findings you will be given a treatment plan.

PRICE: £40



- Mobilisation

- Manipulation

- Soft Tissue Therapy 

- Acupuncture

- Dry Needling

- Taping

- Advice and Education

- Rehabilitation Programmes

- Return to Sport Rehabilitation

- injury Prevention Programmes




- Neck Pain

- Whiplash

- Thoracic Back Pain 

- Lower Back Pain

- Upper Limb Conditions

- Lower limb Conditions

Sports Injuries

- Rehabilitation Post Traumatic Injuries

- Post Operative Rehabilitation 

- Return to High Level Sports Rehabilitation 

- Return to Operational Fitness 

- Over-training Injuries

- Injury Prevention Screening 

- Rheumatology Conditions