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Holly Roberts
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy is an evidence based approach to the return of functional and well-being to an individual after injury, illness or disability. Physiotherapy looks at the whole person's health and wellbeing to help alleviate pain, restore normal movement and function back to the individuals chosen lifestyle. 

Holly Roberts Physiotherapy was founded by Holly in 2018, after moving back Essex following several years working within the military setting. Whilst working in the military Holly built an expert knowledge base of a wide range of conditions and injuries, including more complex operational injuries. She has spend a lot of her time working with Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos, Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine recruits.  Since this clinic was started, it continues to grow and now offers a wide range of services.


Here at Holly Roberts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation we have an outstanding team of highly specialist and experienced physiotherapists, all aiming to provide the highest quality care to every individual.

Holly and her team are known for their detailed assessments, 'hands on' approach and expert exercise prescription aimed at returning you to your chosen activity as quickly as possible, as well as preventing these injuries from reoccurring.  

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Leg Injury

For every new patient the initial consultation is FREE.

This includes a full expert assessment of your condition/injury. Based on these findings  you will be provided a treatment plan.


Specifically tailored treatment programme based on findings from the initial consultation. This will include a combination of treatments listed below based on your goals, needs and preferences.

PRICE: £45.00

You will be given a full body MOT as it were! Looking at  joint structure, muscle length and strength and specific drills to your chosen sport or military role. Based on findings you will be given a treatment plan.

PRICE: £40
Senior Therapy

We assess and treat you or your family member in the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to build on your current level of movement and function to improve your confidence, independence and quality of life.

PRICE: Contact us
Shoulder Massage

We now have an excellent massage therapist with over 15 years experience offering:

Sports massage

Hot stones massage

Indian head massage 

£50.00 FOR 1 HOUR
Ready for the Run

You will be given a full body MOT as it were! Looking at  joint structure, muscle length and strength and specific drills to running. Based on findings you will be given a treatment plan and hands on treatment as needed

PRICE: £45.00
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