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Royal Marine Recruit Injuries

Currently in Royal Marine recruit training we are seeing an extremely high number of recruits getting injuries leading to back-trooping OR long-term rehabilitation. This is leading to long delays in passing the course, low mood/frustration  and even medical discharge among recruits. Current statistics show the top 5 injuries seen in rehabilitation are:


  • Ankle Injuries

  • Shin Pain

  • Knee Pain/Injuries

  • Lower back pain 

  • Tibial ( lower leg) stress fractures


How Do I Prevent These Injuries?

Both evidence and my experience working in the military setting for many years shows that approximately 80%of these injuries were preventable. They are usually caused by pre-existing areas of ‘weakness’, for example a lack of foundational strength, lack of joint and muscle flexibility, lack of single leg control etc.  Unfortunately, once in training it is usually too late to address these deficiencies leading to prolonged time in rehabilitation. 

So to ensure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to get through training get these issues addressed beforehand. 


See below the online options to help with prevention of injury, rehabilitation for current injuries and mobility programmes which have been prescribed for the most common deficiencies seen. Pick the option below which best suits you and then simple contact me via my online form at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about the programmes please also use the contact form below. 

It is strongly encouraged that every potential Royal Marine recruit has an injury prevention screening. Even if you are asymptomatic at the moment, given the extremely high intensity of training your risk of injury is so high, implementing everything you can prior to training will give you the chance of passing! 

Recruit Injury Prevention Programme


£ 40.00

This programme is for those looking at starting a career as a Royal Marine Commando. It is strongly encouraged that you have an injury prevention screening prior to joining to ensure any potential injuries are addressed and resolved beforehand. This is especially important to those who have underlying repetitive injuries and/or niggles. This programme will also increase your confidence in training and training progressions, increase your robustness and provide you extensive knowledge to prevent further injuries. 


The programme will include a full assessment looking at:


  • Joint mobility

  • Tissue mobility

  • Functional movement patterns

  • Individual muscle strength

  • Single leg control

  • Neural tension.


Based on these findings you will be given a specific exercise programme targeting the areas you need to work on alongside advice on management your condition long term. Exercises will be provided to you via my APP which will have photo and videos for you to follow. This will allow you to access your programme at all times and track your progress. You will also be provided with an information leaflet on getting through training, avoiding injuries and training expectations. 

This screening can be completed either FACE TO FACE or via a VIDEO consultation.

Recruit Injury Assessment



This programme is for those currently suffering from a long term, repetitive or a newly developing injury who are looking at a career within the Royal Marines. Injuries are common as you increase training, these become more likely if you are progressing your training too much too soon, have a lack joint and tissue mobility or lack foundational strength. 


Whether you are considering a career, working towards your medical and initial assessment or have a start date to recruit training this programme is suitable for you. If you are currently in this process and suffering with an injury this MUST BE ADDRESSED BEFORE STARTING! Due to the high physical demands of recruit training any underlying injuries will be exacerbated.


The initial assessment can be completed via 3 different methods depending on your preference:


  • Thorough questionnaire and guide including self-testing functional outcome measures. 

  • Telephone call and self-testing functional outcome measures.

  • Video call via FaceTime/skype/Zoom (preferred mode)


Following the assessment, you will be given an information sheet explaining your injury management and expectations of recruit training, an individualised exercise programme via my APP which provide photos and videos for you to follow and continued online support from myself to aid adoption of your programme.

Mobility  Programmes



A lack of joint and tissue flexibility is very common in many Royal Marines (RM). This is usually as a result of excessive training and the high physical demands of a RM without sufficient warm ups and cool downs over time. When putting the body through excessive stress during a workout the muscles tighten and shorten to cope with this stress. This physiological process continues once you stop and lactic acid starts to builds. If these are not addressed they stay in this shortened position long term. If you do suffer from muscle tightness & inflexibility ensuring you have a sufficient warm up in place to mobilise the tissues optimally before your workout will be one necessary step to reduce your risk of injury. For example; if you are squatting with stiff glutes and hamstrings, they cannot work sufficiently throughout the full range, leading  to compensation from other muscles ie your lower back  paraspinals.  


These programmes have a strong emphasis on dynamic mobility and foam rolling with smaller elements of static stretches included. This programme is suitable for those looking at improving their overall mobility long term or to use as a dynamic warm up routine prior to training. Implementing these strategies before training will have a significant impact on lowering your risk of injury. 


As above, if you are looking at improving your mobility longer term these programmes will need to be implemented daily. These will last for up to 20 minutes but can always be modified if you are strapped for time OR feel you need a little more. 


The warm routines to be used before training will consist of a short 10-minute burst to ensure joints and muscles are optimally mobile prior to increasing load. This will also optimise your training as tissues can be utilised through their full range.    

 The programmes will be available to for 2 weeks via video 


Your chosen programme will firstly be sent to you via an email with a detailed written copy of the programme including instructions and reps/sets. You will then be given access to the videos via an APP which you can access anywhere at any time for 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks you will then be given a print out copy available via the APP.  There are several options to choose from based on what suits you best. Below is a list of targeted areas:

- Neck & Upper Trunk

- Upper Limb & Thoracic Spine

- Full Spine ( neck/thoracic/lumbar)

- Lower Back & Hips

- Lower Back & Lower Limbs ( incl; glutei, hamstrings, adductors, calfs, hip & ankle mobility)

- Posterior Chain ( glutes, hamstrings, calfs, neural tension mobility

- Calf & Ankle Mobility.

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