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Here at Holly Roberts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation we are strong advocates of a combination of hands on, education and exercise prescription. We will use the hands on approach the help alleviate your symptoms which will turn help compliment your rehabilitation programme. Holly and the team have a strong emphasis on getting you mobile, strong and back to full function. 

Why Choose Us?

There is a good outcome from both the preventative and corrective programmes here at Holly Roberts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. This is due to our approach to not only hands on treatment and exercise but also education. To help you in your daily life, we will work around your goals so you can continue to do what you enjoy during treatment process. 


The hands on treatment provided to you will ensure the structures within your body are aided to move in the most optimal way, this ensures your individually tailored exercise programme will efficiently and effectively help you to maintain these positive changes. Along with treatment and exercise; other tools may also b introduced, such as acupuncture, taping and relevant education to ensure both long term and permanent results. To help clients reach their goals quickly and effectively, we use often this combined approach. 

Education is one of the cornerstones of the recovery process. To guide you, we will provide you with all the tools and knowledge to manage your condition in the long term. This will help you to understand what is causing your condition and reduce the chances of irritating the injured structures. 

Due to the nature of some injuries, individuals may not respond as initially expected and certain structures may take longer to settle. In these instances we can help you with the next level of care to help prevent a delay in your recovery. When required, we can refer you for further imaging such as Xray, MRI or ultrasound and we also have great communications with local GP services and consultants. 


- Neck Pain

- Whiplash 

- Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

- Upper Limb Conditions i.e shoulder pain, tennis elbow

- Lower limb Conditions - knee & ankle injuries

- Sports Injuries

- Rehabilitation Post Traumatic Injuries

- Post Operative Rehabilitation 

- Return to High Level Sports Rehabilitation 

- Return to Operational Fitness 

- Over-training Injuries

- Injury Prevention Screening 

- Rheumatology Conditions 

- Shin Pain 

- Royal Marine Injury Prevention


- Joint Mobilisation

- Manipulation

- Soft Tissue Therapy 

- Acupuncture

- Dry Needling

- Taping

- Advice and Education

- Rehabilitation Programmes

- Return to Sport Rehabilitation

- injury Prevention Programmes

- Personal Training



Sports massage is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissue to aid soft tissue relaxation, alleviate pain and improve function. Sports massage can and is often used as a preventative measure in both high level athletes for injury prevention, as well as those who work day to day who suffer with chronic stiffness and pains. Some noted benefits of massage are as follows:

Increase range of motion

Increase flexibility

Increase sense of wellbeing

Decreased muscle tension

Decrease muscle spasm 

Improve sleep

Aid a better quality of life

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