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Royal Marine Screening

Our specialised programme is designed to help those looking to start a career in the Royal Marines. Holly will work with you to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs, goals and injuries. Our programme is designed to ensure you stay at your optimal performance capacity by reducing your risk of injury. Together we will work towards the CPC, and ROP all the way to getting that green beret.

In Royal Marine recruit training, we see many recruits getting injuries leading to back-trooping and long-term rehabilitation. This leads to long delays in passing the course, low mood/frustration and even medical discharge among recruits. Current statistics show the top 5 injuries seen in rehabilitation are:


  • Ankle Injuries

  • Shin Pain

  • Knee Pain/Injuries

  • Lower back pain

  • Tibial ( lower leg) stress fractures

How Can I Prevent These Injuries?

Through evidence-based practice and my several years of clinical military experience, I have found that many of these injuries were preventable had they been addressed before starting recruit training. The usual causes for the above-listed injuries are pre-existing ‘weaknesses’, either a lack of foundational strength, joint and muscle flexibility, lack of single leg control, etc. Unfortunately, once in training, it is usually too late to address these deficiencies leading to prolonged time in rehabilitation.

Many of these injuries will become evident once you push further into your training or when you are in recruit training, as the body is very clever at compensating! However, given the extremely high intensity of recruit training, your risk of injury significantly increases. Therefore, you are unaware any issues are developing early into training. This led me to create this screening package to find these areas of deficiency and resolve them.

I strongly recommend that every potential Royal Marine recruit participates in an injury prevention screening ideally 12 weeks or more before training to give you the best chance to address these issues.

Our Programme

This programme is for those looking to start a Royal Marine Commando career. It is strongly encouraged that you have an injury prevention screening before joining to ensure any potential injuries are addressed and resolved beforehand. This is especially important to those with underlying repetitive injuries and/or niggles. This programme will also increase your confidence in training and training progressions, increase your robustness and provide you with extensive knowledge to prevent further injuries. 


The programme will include a full assessment looking at the following:


  • Joint mobility

  • Tissue mobility

  • Functional movement patterns

  • Individual muscle strength

  • Single leg control

  • Strength & Conditioning Advice

  • Neural tension

  • Training load & progressions


Based on these findings, you will be given a specific exercise programme targeting the areas you need to work on alongside advice on managing your long-term condition. Exercises will be provided alongside photos and videos to follow, allowing you to access your programme and track your progress. You will also be given an information leaflet on getting through training, avoiding injuries and training expectations. 

This screening is carried out face-to-face or virtually.
Price: £40

Holly Roberts

Holly ran the physiotherapy department and a residential rehabilitation unit for personnel unable to fulfil their military roles due to injury. Whilst there, she implemented an injury prevention programme for the entire unit, which resulted in a 44% reduction in injury rates.

Previous experience has included being the clinical lead for the 3-week residential lower limb and spinal rehabilitation courses, providing specialist care for military personnel in this role. Holly has also worked alongside Sports & Exercise Medicine Consultants specialist musculoskeletal clinics and residential rehabilitation courses specifically tailored to the exceptional levels required by Special Forces personnel.

During this period, she was promoted to the clinical lead of the department, where she built my previous experience in running multidisciplinary clinics alongside sports and exercise medicine consultants for the region. Whilst initially building the private practice, she worked part-time at CTCRM Lympstone.


Want to find out more?

As a Royal Marine, you are expected to maintain a high level of physical fitness and performance. However, even the most dedicated and disciplined individuals can sometimes experience injuries or other issues that affect their movement and function. If you are dealing with such matters, we encourage you to learn more about our Royal Marine screening programme. Even though the clinic is based in Billericay, these screenings are targeted to both face-to-face and virtually. The majority of these highly successful screenings have been completed virtually for potential recruits all across the UK.

What Our Clients Say

I went to see Holly a few years ago to join the Royal Marines with knee issues, she helped me strengthen my legs and massively improve my running. I have now come to Holly again with another injury after training for a further arduous military course. She has helped guide me with good plans that suit my needs and I have now completed the course and am now ready to progress to the next selection phase! I can’t recommend Holly enough.

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