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Headshot of physiologist Terry Austin, smiling directly at the camera. He is dressed in a light blue shirt.

Terry Austin

Physiologist and Health & Wellness Coach


Terry Austin, a personable and knowledgeable Physiologist and Health & Wellness Coach, brings over 20 years of experience from fitness and clinical settings to his practice. His clientele ranges from athletes to special populations, and he is adept at customising fitness, lifestyle, and well-being advice to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Terry's qualifications are extensive. He is a certified personal trainer, holds a degree in Sports Science, and has earned diplomas in advanced well-being physiology, nutrition, and Diabetes. His expertise lies in conducting and interpreting health assessments, and he excels at creating relevant lifestyle, physical activity, and dietary action plans.

His professional journey has seen him work in a variety of settings, including high-profile corporate environments, NHS surgeries, hospitals, and health assessment clinics. More recently, Terry served as the Head of School Wellbeing in the charity team for the UK’s leading healthcare charity. Today, he leverages this diverse skillset in his role as a self-employed Health & Wellness Coach.

Discover more about Terry Austin and his comprehensive health assessments by visiting our Health Assessment page.

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